United States Military Law

United States Military Court and Representation of U.S. Military

Three Saliterman & Siefferman attorneys served in the United States Military.  Mr. Siefferman served as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps, and as a Combat Engineer in the Corps, and also as an airborne qualified jumpmaster. Mr. Saliterman served 3½ years active duty with the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General Corps in 1972-75; later in 2003, represented client in U.S. Army Court Martial at Fort Benning, Georgia; also while in the service, Mr. Saliterman and Mr. Siefferman have represented clients in court-martials, Article 31 investigations and Article 15 Non-Judicial Punishment proceedings.

Representative Experience:

  • Legal counsel and advisor to the United States Navy League, on a national level as the National Judge Advocate, (much akin to General Counsel) one of its four main elective offices, U.S. Navy League, the principal alumni association; and U.S. National Security policy participant on a national level (founded by Theodore Roosevelt in 1901 with his Nobel Peace Prize award).  It is headquartered in Washington, D.C./Arlington, Virginia.
  • Briefly, at the conclusion of the Vietnam War from the Navy, served as military attorney to the Presidential Clemency Board, the White House.  The Board was formed by President Gerald R. Ford in order to help bind the nation’s wounds as the war concluded amidst civil discord and disharmony which was unparalleled since the Civil War.
  • Legal Counsel to United States Army Officer in confidential military court setting.  The proceedings were resolved in favor of the client.