Regulatory Law and White Collar Crime

Members of the Firm have served in a wide range of capacities related to regulatory and criminal legal matters representing defendants and working for the U.S. Federal Government.  This practice often overlaps with parallel civil proceedings involving a diverse range of issues from securities fraud to tax issues to allegations of arson related to real property.  The Firm’s broad experience provides clients with a balanced and comprehensive approach to problem solving aimed at mitigating risk including from a regulatory or criminal standpoint while ensuring that issues related to civil liability are also well addressed.

The Firm provides services in the following areas:

  • Securities Fraud, planning and litigation
  • License Revocation on Denial and Termination, planning and litigation
  • Environmental Law issues/compliance
  • Failure to File Taxes
  • Unfair Competition Litigation
  • Unfair Trade Practices Litigation
  • Anti-Trust Litigation

Representative Experience

  • Richard Saliterman, on detached duty from the U.S. Navy, served as acting Director of the Compliance Enforcement Division of the then newly formed Federal Energy Office (Region Two) (for New York, New Jersey, Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands) in matters involving fuel allocations brought on by the original Arab oil embargo of 1973.
  • The Firm has handled regulatory law research, complaints, and litigating on local, state, federal and international levels; appeared at license revocation proceedings, trials, etc.
  • The Firm successfully handled a regulatory licensing matter for a commodities dealer with respect to allegations by the State of Ohio including over 1,000 felony counts with a potential aggregate fine of over $10,000,000. The case was resolved with a dismissal of all criminal counts, no admission of fault, and the payment of a retroactive licensing fee of less than 0.2% of the potential fine.
  • The Firm has successfully represented reputable persons of high standing in the community being investigated and accused of arson related to real property. These cases often involve allegations initiated by an insurance company and affect the client not only from a criminal standpoint, but also in determining whether their insurance policy will provide coverage.
  • The Firm has commenced legal action and defended clients in securities fraud cases including one of the first cases involving the Bixby Energy scandal in Minnesota where investors were allegedly induced to invest in the coal gasification technology company based on representations that contracts and agreements had been reached between the company and certain State and Federal governmental entities. The Firm’s client prevailed in recovering its investment together with interest and attorney fees.
  • Mr. Saliterman, after law school and prior to naval service, served on the staff U.S. Senate Anti-Trust and Monopoly Subcommittee, a committee of the Judiciary Committee, investigating widespread mortgage and financial fraud and anti-trust violations. The Committee’s work and accompanying federal prosecutions resulted in several criminal indictments and resignations, ranging from local mortgage companies and real estate brokers to the Presidential Cabinet level.
  • Mr. Saliterman taught anti-trust law as a teaching fellow under Professor Harlan Morris Blake during his senior year at Columbia Law School.
  • Mr. Saliterman worked during the summer, after his first year in law school, on the Staff of the Honorable Robert Warren, then Attorney General of Wisconsin, and later a U.S. District Judge, investigating anti-trust conspiracy and monopoly.
  • The Firm successfully represented a business person charged with six felony counts for failure to pay taxes and file tax returns and resolved the case with a dismissal of all six felony counts.