Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights protect your core business assets in a competitive environment, build and protect good will, avoid significant liabilities to others, and preserve and expand your business’s equity. Saliterman & Siefferman assists clients in Minnesota with their intellectual property needs in the U.S. and internationally through the following services:

  •  Trademark registration and litigation
  •  Copyright registration and litigation
  •  Trade Secret advice, litigation
  •  Trade Secret and Non-Discrimination
  •   Non-Compete Agreements
  •   Licensing
  •   Software, technology, and internet advice and litigation

To meet your needs through our diversity of experience, our intellectual property attorneys can provide assistance you in many areas. We counsel and help you to use intellectual property and technology in a comprehensive way to maximize the value of your business, protect the business’ strength and integrity, remain competitive in the field, and stimulate growth and progress.

Saliterman & Siefferman can help evaluate your intellectual property portfolio and policies, and suggest alternatives that will enable you to help achieve specific strategic goals and meet long range plans. We can help in obtaining state and federal trademark registrations, copyright registrations, and other property rights that protect and preserve the work of employees and authors. We further can help enforce your intellectual property rights against infringers, provide advice when you must decide whether you might be infringing the intellectual property rights of others, and determine whether those rights are valid and enforceable.

Representative Experience:

  • The Firm successfully represented the plaintiff in the first cyber-squatting case under the then Federal Cyber-Squatting Statute (website or domain theft) in Minnesota Federal District Court.
  • The Firm successfully defended against a major southwestern United States restaurant chain (over seventy units) alleging trademark infringement in a Nevada Federal Court. The client was a major restaurant chain located in Minnesota. This case is considered a landmark case in the subject of trade dress and intention to use. We successfully defended the client against rights asserted of alleged infringement of trade dress.
  • The Firm served as national franchisor attorney to three well-known franchisors, some in our areas and some with international locations throughout the country and world and in some instances doing initial franchise work from preparation of franchise offering circulars and registration; trademark development and registration; and franchise agreements.
  • The Firm served as national trademark attorney to one of the largest precious metals dealers in the United States registering and enforcing trademarks and related rights nationwide.