Professional & Community Leadership

The Firm has served as sole or principal host (sometimes in conjunction with the U.S. Navy League or University Alumni or other civic groups as designated below) of receptions, dinners, and speaking engagements to community leaders for the following, among other persons in leadership roles:

  • The Firm has hosted several breakfasts and other meetings for Human Rights leaders, including African-American leadership to discuss community matters, often with other leaders of the community.
  • Harvard University sociologist, Professor Robert F. Putnam. Dinner requested by staff of professor at Harvard University to introduce Professor Putnam to community leaders which occurred at dinner and presentation at the Minneapolis Club, downtown Minneapolis, hosted by the Law Firm and Dick Saliterman.
  • U.S. Ambassador Richard K. Fairbanks. Mr. Fairbanks was former Ambassador Plenipotentiary to the Middle East and a senior partner of Ruckelshaus, Beveridge and Fairbanks, a Washington, D.C. law firm. He has played a very significant role in American relations to Mideast countries; and formerly served as a White House staff member of one of our former Presidents. The Law Firm hosted a reception for him at the Law Firm premises.
  • Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, USN. Admiral Hopper was one of the first ladies to be appointed as an Admiral in the United States Navy; and she was in charge of training for the Navy. A reception for her was held at the Law Firm premises.
  • Hon. Steven R. Honigman. The Firm hosted a lunch for Steve R. Honigman, General Counsel at the U.S. Navy. (He also was a classmate of and fundraiser for President William Jefferson Clinton.)
  • Hon. Thomas Emmer. The Firm has hosted a reception on the premises for Thomas Emmer, Republican Speaker of the Minority House of Representatives.
  • Governor Arne Carlson. The Firm has hosted a reception on the premises for former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson (to assist New York University Alumni Association of Minnesota).
  • Russian Republic Vice Council Zerkalo Nedeli. Vice Council Zerkalo Nedeli has represented the newly-formed Russian Republic within the United States almost since its freedom and the failure of Communist control. The Firm was requested by a major local publication, which the Firm is General Counsel for, to provide a reception of community-wide business and social leadership for him. The event was held at the Law Firm premises.
  • Major General George Flynn, USMC. Deputy U.S. Marine Corps Commandant. In conjunction with the Navy League, the Firm held a reception at the Firm premises for General Flynn, who is considered one of the most knowledgeable generals in the U.S. Armed Services.
  • Admiral John C. Harvey. Reception and breakfast for Admiral John C. Harvey, Chief of Naval Personnel. The Firm was asked to put together a reception for Admiral Harvey, who is charge of all personnel for the Navy, and introduce him to community leaders.
  • Captain Michael Foreman, USN. The Firm hosted a lunch and reception for Captain Michael Foreman, who was the Chief Astronaut for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), for community leaders.
  • Admiral Arnold O. Lotring, USN. The Firm hosted a lunch for Admiral Arnold O. Lotring, then the commanding officer of the SSN Minneapolis-St. Paul, to introduce him to members of the community.
  • The Firm has made several other contributions to many organizations to bring local and national leadership to the entire community.