For New Clients

Important Note for Individual Persons in Need of Legal Services

The Firm, since its outset, has represented individuals, as well as their families and relatives, as well as employees of businesses ranging from assembly line and other support and leadership workers to outright owners, officers, and directors in litigation of almost all matters, and in law involving almost all aspects of personal affairs in existence. It has been an honor for the Firm to so represent these individuals, providing a necessary balance of practice and knowledge of persons and community which are necessary for the practice of law. Above all, it has provided personal fulfillment for members of the Firm. It has taken some of these cases to the Minnesota Supreme Court and to other appellant courts in order to achieve victories, and it has provided the most simple or mundane services from drafting powers of attorneys to wills to drafting family limited partnerships, etc.

Indeed, a major Firm client was retained after representing a secretary to one of our District Court Judges after a member of the Firm’s appearance before the Judge on a separate matter. The Firm represented the secretary on a Truth in Lending Act case. This resulted in a case against a major automobile dealership chain, which chain, after litigation had resolved, later hired the Firm for its own work.

Note to Small Proprietorships and Other Small Businesses and Persons Connected with These Undertakings

The Firm has, since its outset, made a decision to represent small businesses of all natures. Many clients have been individual owners of a business enterprises who have been in the process of otherwise associating with persons to be co-owners or co-capitalizers of the business. Many of these businesses and individuals have become extraordinarily successful and have reached heights not easily anticipated at the outset. It has been a source of great fulfillment and pride of the Firm to represent these extremely small business undertakings and considers it an absolute part of the legal profession to be so associated. Indeed, the law firm itself has started out simply as a one-person business operation and has intentionally remained of a more modest scale.

A Note for Larger Businesses and Operatives

The Firm has represented several larger business operations headquartered in Minnesota, and elsewhere, as local counsel. These operations have ranged from banks to large manufacturing companies to major real property owners who are of international note and importance. Many out of state and larger organizations have found that having a competent smaller firm can sometimes be more agile or able to address things, and also to present an appropriate presence for the larger organization within Minnesota courts.

Also, in another context, the Firm has served as general counsel to one major Minnesota-based franchisor with franchise located throughout the world, and also to two of among the largest Minnesota convenience stores (grocery, other consumer, and gasoline products) within the state, including, but not limited to, the former Texaco stations in the State of Minnesota, which formed their own franchise upon the withdrawal of Texaco. It has also represented major automobile chains and indeed served as general counsel to a major automobile vehicle chain dealer trade association. It has also represented officers and directors in various capacities and also advised boards of major Minnesota corporations on specific matters and instances affecting business decisions, employment, etc. Increasingly, medium cap and larger capitalized business organizations have been calling requesting the services of the Firm.